Stay warm with the Sealey Paraffin Kerosene Diesel Heater. Embrace the cold season with this reliable and efficient heating solution. Get yours now!

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Sealey 13KW/16kW Industrial Infrared Diesel Heater.

Get powerful and cost-effective heating with the Sealey IR16 16kW Industrial Infrared Diesel Heater. Ideal for garages, workshops, and warehouses. Stay warm and save on energy costs!

Sealey AB2050 205,000Btu/hr Space Warmer® Kerosene/Diesel Heater with Wheels.

Efficiently heat any space with the Sealey AB2050 205,000Btu/hr Kerosene/Diesel Heater. Its clean burning technology ensures maximum fuel economy. Shop now!

Sealey IR20 Infrared Paraffin/Kerosene/Diesel Heater 70,000Btu/hr with or without Trolley.

Don't let the cold stop you! Get the Sealey IR20 Infrared Paraffin Heater for powerful and economical heating. Stay warm with an impressive 70,000Btu/hr output!

Sealey IR37 Infrared Kerosene/Diesel Heater with Wheels 136,000Btu/hr

£1,329.95 £1,196.96
Stay warm and productive in your workshop or garage with our versatile kerosene/diesel heater. With an impressive output of 136,000 Btu/hr and clean burning performance, it's perfect for well-ventilated spaces!

Sealey Space Warmer® Kerosene/Diesel Heater Range.

Experience the power and efficiency of the Sealey Kerosene/Diesel Heater. Stay warm with its clean burning technology and enjoy peace of mind with its safety features. Buy now!
Beat the chill with the Sealey Paraffin Kerosene Diesel Heater. Stay cozy and comfy all winter long with this powerful heating device. Order yours today!